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November 5, 2008
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"Now, Red, you better hurry up and get that Prinivil to your grandmother."
Announced Red's mother, waggling a finger in her daughters face and shoving a thatch picnic-basket
into her arms.
"Heaven knows how high that womans blood-pressure gets! Now hurry along!"
Red's mother rushed out in one breath and all but threw her daughter out of the little log-cabin.
"Geez, mom! Don't you think-"
Red stammered out as she tried to regain her balance but was cut off by the hasty slam of the door,
the sound echoing into the forest behind her-sending a flock of black-birds screeching through the
tree tops.
"...You should give Gran more respect...?"
She sighed from under her blood-red hood, blowing pitch black strands of hair out of her bright crimson eyes.
She screeched snatching up and hurling a stone ,from the dusty path that led from her house into the forest,
the size of an almond into the sky.
"Now I have to get there AND back BEFORE dark!"
She scolded the darkening purple sky, and stomped down the path into the forest. It really was beautiful now
that she thought about it...The smell of freshly grown leaves and sprouts crushed by some passer-bye;
the sun softly filtered through the leaves-giving everything a soft green glow; the scent of animals and flowers
mingling with it all and giving it a certain surrealness...But there were dangers in these woods...Dangers her-
A sudden rustling made her plant her black metal-studed leather boots in the ground, crushing the surrounding
plants and sending a mixture of black feathers and dust into the air to dance around her like sparkling ghosts.
"Relax Female..."
A young boy dressed in nothing more than a torn black jean with striking golden-brown eyes and dark-brown
black-tipped, wild and spiked hair wispered as he flung himself out of a branch and landed not a handsbredth
infront of her.
"Shhhhhhhh...Be quite..."
He wispered standing up straight.
"Who are you?"
Red demanded, not too convincingly, and took a step back.
"Me?...I am...I do not truly have a...A name...I am merely one of the pack, and a new pup nonetheless!
The Alpha has not named me..."
The boy said weakly and cocked his head to the side, allowing the sun to strike his face and reveal
two red fang-shaped markings-one beneath each eye.
"Is that blood?"
Red asked, clearly intrigued.
The boy said fingering his markings.
"I've had them since the pack found me."
"And when was that?"
Red accused, clearly not believing that this kid was part of a wolf pack.
He hummed, placing his finger on a his cheek and clearly going deep
into thought.
"Since I was a...What would you call it...A mewling babe? A whelp?"
He said clearly trying to find words he was not familiar with...
"A baby?"
Red suggested taking a step forward and then jumping back as the youth burst out:
"Yes! That's it!"
He burst forward, excitement making his eyes sparkle at the knowledge of learning something new.
"That's the word I was looking for, Thank you!"
He said with a smile that revealed elongated canines and stretched out his hand, trying to grab hers-
but missed at the last moment and snatched air.
"What are you doing!"
Red yelled and took a step back.
"I'm giving you a..."
He paused for a second before smiling and carrying on:
"I'm giving you a hand-shaker."
He announced proudly.
Red said nervously.
"Ah, yes...A 'hand-shake'."
He said extending his hand once again.
Red looked down, in amazement, at a pair of clean hands and taking one into her own smiled...
They were soft and the squeeze he exibited was gentle.
"Nice to meet you, Female."
"Red, call me Red."
She said, shaking his hand.
"What are you doing,Red?"
"Giving you a hand-shake."
She said surprised at what he was asking.
"I do not remember this part."
He said, obviously perplexed.
He let go of her hand and looked up at the sky,
then announced:
"It was nice meeting you, I'll see you again if...Fate?...Allows it!"
He started to turn away and red blinked...When she opened her eyes
again she saw a black wolf running away from her...


A huge amount of pressure on Red's shoulder made her swirl around to see a huge, sweating woodcutter- his
hand still clamped to her hood.
"Where you going, girl?"
He said stupidly.
"To my grandmother,"
Red said relaxing, she'd been taught to trust humans...And to hate and fear wolves, yet she had just met one...
Right now she felt invincible...
"Where are you going?"
He smirked.
"Is this Granny Tabitha your going to?"
"Yes it is."
Red pulled away, she was getting annoyed with this hulking giant of a man.
"I need to get going now! Prinivil to deliver!"
Red shouted and darted away...This guy was giving her the creeps...
"Don't worry! I'll see you again!"
He shouted after her.
"Oh yes...I'll see you soon..."
He wispered to himself while patting his crotch.
"...Real soon."


Red ran faster than she had ever run, she skidded onto the longer yet safer path to her grandmothers and
started to slow after awhile...
"Who was that guy?"
She thought aloud, bending down and picking a flower. She put it in her basket and absent-mindedly snatched
at the flower patch until she felt a furry ear and gazed down to see the wolf-boy yelp.
"What was that for!?"
He asked, getting out of the flower patch and rubbing his now-human ear.
"Um...I...Um...I was just picking flowers?"
Red managed to stutter out.
"You should watch out,"
He said while wiping blood off of his mouth.
"Sometimes there are..."
He trailed off only to have Red help him along:
"Yes, snakes!"
He said and picked a flower, putting it in Red's basket.
"We need a name for you."
Red said and started picking flowers with the boy.
"How about Wolf?"
"Yes, Wolf."
"But I am a wolf..."
"I'll just call you Wolf, okay?"
He said putting the last flower into Red's basket and stood up.
"You smell strange..."
Red gave Wolf an inquisitive look.
"Yes...You smelled pleasant before...Now your smeared with the
smell of rut and violence..."
Wolf said backing away.
"Male lust..."
Wolf said stopping, now a few feet away, and looked around alerted.
Red said laughing.
"Where were you?"
Wolf asked worried.
"I was just walking and I met...A...Woodcutter..."
Red said pulling her hood off to see a handprint made of a mixture of dirt, grime and blood staining it.
"The woodcutter..."
Red said angrily.
"I knew he was screwed up somehow!"
She said stomping the ground and putting her hood in her basket.
Meanwhile Wolf had crept closer without her noticing and sighed:
"Much better..."
While rubbing his nose.
"Why are you in the forest this late? Humans never come her at night..."
Red said looking up to see the last of the suns rays tearing brilliant pink and orange streaks across
the sky.
"Shit! I'm never going to find Gran now..."
"Granny Tabitha?"
Wolf asked and crept closer.
"I know where she lives!"
He cried and grabbed her hand.
"Let's go!"
He said dragging her forward with him through the darkening undergrowth until they
reached a small clearing where he turned left and took her further until they could see
a faint glow through the leaves.
Red said disorientated from the trip.
"Yes, Granny Tabitha's hut is just ahead."
Red walked forward until she felt Wolf's hand slip out of her's.
"What are you doing? Let's go."
Red said trying to grab wolf's hand.
"No, Red, I can't go further than this..."
Red said letting her arms flop down to her sides and turned to Wolf.
"Pack rule, Red."
Wolf said with a weak smile and ran off into the darkness.
Red stammered but was cut off by a howl in the distance...


Red knocked on the door...Today was just too weird for her...A wolf and a lusty woodcutter...
She sighed and knocked harder. Eventualy Res was hammering on the door and shouting when she heard a
rough voice croak from the inside:
"Come in, deary."
It chuckled.
Red opened the door and walked in.
She wispered suddenly tense and fearfull.
"Over here, deary."
The voice taunted.
Red walked further, looking around madly until she came to a door.
She didn't hesitate and opened it, rushing in she stoped and screamed...
She didn't stop screaming as tears rolled down her cheeks.
She didn't stop screaming as she fell to her knees.
She didn't stop screaming as the blood on the floor soaked her jeans.
She didn't stop screaming as the rope snapped.
She stopped screaming when her grandmothers corpse flopped to the floor:
a hideous wrinkled bag, jaw hanging agape to reveal glass shards, stained red, instead of teeth;
Eye-sockets wide open to reveal two dark, staring pits; body disfigured to look like a melted wax
sculpture...The corpse wheezed as it hit the floor and the last of the air in it's lungs were expelled...
The door behind her slammed and as she turned she saw the woodcutter...
Bare-chest glinting in the candle-light, boxers stained by blood.
"I told you I'd see you soon..."
He laughed stepping forward and grabbing Red's arm...
"Now...Let's see what we can do, girl."
He said as he ripped off her tank-top and bra with one great swipe of his greasy hands,
revealing two perfect white breasts.
"These are nice..."
He moaned and started to work on her jean only to have a metal-studded boot smash into his face...
"G-G...Get the fuck away from me!"
Red sobbed and landed another boot on his face...She turned around and ran, tears obscuring her vision
as her breasts pulsed up and down from her fierce sprint. She ran around and found that there was no was out...
"Leave-Leave me alone!"
Red screamed and threw a boot at the woodcutter, who only smacked it away and licked his lips saying:
"Now is that anyway to treat your new father,"
He dashed forward and grabbed her by the throat.
He spat into her face as she kicked him in the groin with her still booted foot, she kicked him again and then
he dropped her, she ran back towards the door but found it locked...
She muttered clutching her head in her hands as she felt a greasy hand close around her breast...


The scent in Wolf's nose...Yes...He liked that name...It was his name...And he liked the girl who gave it to him
even more. She was the first who had not shun or feared him.
He ran and felt the pine needles under his paws.
He ran and saw the stars shine.
He ran and smelt the lust.
He ran and felt the malevolence.
He ran and heard her screams...
He ran with the stars as his jury, the tree's as his witness, and his fangs as his judge...
He saw the wooden door to Granny Tabitha's Hut...But he didn't stop, he changed into human form and slamed into
He flew through the door with a bloodlust unlike anything he had felt before...And something else burned within...
something he had never felt


The woodcutter's great fingers felt her...Tasted her...Sampled her...They started to slide down her front, when they
gripped tight and started to spasm...Suddenly the weight of the woodcutter was lifted from her and she was
exposed to the world, a virgin but nonetheless violated, and before her stood an animus of antipathy. An arm
hanging limply from his hand and a leg from the other...Blood dripping down his entire body.
"Who-who are you?"
Red stuttered as a gust of wind from the outside made the candles flare to reveal a face ,spattered with ribbons
of blood, and a tongue licking pointed and bloody teeth...Two golden-brown eyes shone in the darkness before
the candles blew out and they vanished...Three words echoed out of and into the darkness:
"I am Wolf."
Six more were wispered into her ear as it picked her up and kissed her gently:
"And I think I love you..."
This is what REALLY happened in the story of lil' red riding hood!

The wolfs not the bad guy! See!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!!??!??!??!

This is also a way of introducing two new OC's:
Wolf and Red

More on them to come soon!

You guys just gotta tell me if you like it and if you wanna hear more!

Please point out mistakes as I'm half-asleep and I just wrote it...Oh...I put this in horror as I don't know where else to put it...
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kaigeXIII Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student General Artist
No matter how many times I read it this is still one of my favorite Red Riding Hood stories! :)
TribalChild Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
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SaphireAlicorn Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student Artist
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TribalChild Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Hahahahahaha, well, as a rule of thumb I wouldn't trust any big, sweaty man with an axe - they tend to be rather psychotic; rather I'd go for a wolf, such sweet things... :D
SaphireAlicorn Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Student Artist
if animators were to make this perverts would do that too red riding hood cosplayers if there were any
TribalChild Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
There are a lot of perverts out there... A lot of perverts that animate as well, but, that's them - it shouldn't concern me. If someone did make an animation out of this though it would be rather great, but I'd have to discuss it with them first lest they screw up and my art looks bad! :D
SaphireAlicorn Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student Artist
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